Andrew & Anne | Queenscliff Wedding

Lauren Alyce | 21.12.14 | In Blog | 1Comments

My favourite type of wedding…

in their family home backyard. Andrew’s family have a holiday house in the most beautiful location in Queenscliff. When they told me where they were holding their ceremony I was so excited, it’s so unique and personal. As expected they spent the last 12 months doing weekend trips down from Melbourne making sure the right flowers were planted, the grass was immaculate and the house looked impeccable. And it was every little bit perfect.

Walking in and seeing Anne the morning of the big day she was so calm and collected. After all it was time. After being together a decade Andrew being quite practical decided to tell Anne one day it was time they went ring shopping. Anne chose the most incredible ring (I wish I could have stolen it off her finger) a stunning vintage piece, absolutely gorgeous. So many things about their day I was swooning at, the flowers, the dress, the ring, everything! It sure was worth waiting all of those years when you created a day like this…pizzey-1 pizzey-2 pizzey-7 pizzey-15 pizzey-11 pizzey-18 pizzey-13 pizzey-19 pizzey-10 pizzey-20 pizzey-23 pizzey-30 pizzey-31 pizzey-33 pizzey-34 pizzey-35 pizzey-38 pizzey-39 pizzey-40 pizzey-42 pizzey-44 pizzey-48 pizzey-51 pizzey-52 pizzey-56 pizzey-57 1 pizzey-64 pizzey-77 pizzey-61 pizzey-62 pizzey-66 pizzey-92

Anne you are just breathtaking…pizzey-78 pizzey-83 pizzey-79 pizzey-99 pizzey-100 pizzey-103

Andrew you are one of the funniest people I’ve worked with, thank you for making my day so fun!!!pizzey-105 pizzey-107 pizzey-110 pizzey-113 pizzey-115 pizzey-126 pizzey-125 pizzey-116 pizzey-135 pizzey-139 pizzey-144 pizzey-145 pizzey-148 pizzey-152 pizzey-153 pizzey-157 pizzey-163 pizzey-175 pizzey-166 pizzey-168 pizzey-171 pizzey-176 pizzey-179 pizzey-180 pizzey-185 pizzey-186 pizzey-192 pizzey-198 pizzey-200 pizzey-204 pizzey-206 pizzey-207 pizzey-211 pizzey-212 pizzey-215 pizzey-216 pizzey-222 pizzey-223 pizzey-234 pizzey-231 pizzey-237 pizzey-252 pizzey-254 pizzey-259 pizzey-261 pizzey-264 pizzey-266 pizzey-271 pizzey-279 pizzey-285 pizzey-298 pizzey-303 pizzey-315 pizzey-307 pizzey-316 pizzey-318 pizzey-322 pizzey-329 pizzey-333 pizzey-334 pizzey-340 pizzey-343 pizzey-347 pizzey-352 pizzey-359 pizzey-361 pizzey-366 pizzey-369 pizzey-371 pizzey-373 pizzey-374 2

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I just know you guys will have a future ahead of you that wont be short of any love or laughs. Thank you so much for having me be a part of your magical day. x