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Ashlea & Pete’s love story is the cutest

There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd when Ash & Pete were saying their heartfelt vows. Just seeing the way they looked at each other all day was enough to make you melt. They both were just beaming all day, it made for a very easy job by me.

Ashlea & Pete’s love blossomed quickly from their first blind date in a dingy Geelong pub, to a second date, then taking some amazing trips overseas together, to then settling down and making the big step of buying and renovating their first home together. Then came Rusty. The cutest dog ever!!!! I loved hearing their story in details by Jo, their celebrant. Especially the part when Pete casually took Ash for a walk on the beach with Rusty, got wet in the rain, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. And here it brings us, to a perfect spring day celebrated at a quirky little venue Harvester Moon on the Bellarine Peninsula that suited them to a tee.

The morning was jam packed with smiles and bubbles. Ash was like a little girl on Christmas eve, it was so adorable.  Stanfield-1 Stanfield-10 Stanfield-6 Stanfield-5 Stanfield-31 Stanfield-15 Stanfield-4 Stanfield-14 Stanfield-11 Stanfield-52 Stanfield-38 Stanfield-49 Stanfield-33 Stanfield-36 Stanfield-20 Stanfield-18 Stanfield-43 Stanfield-25 Stanfield-29 Stanfield-54 Stanfield-64 Stanfield-65 Stanfield-66 Stanfield-70 Stanfield-74 Stanfield-78 Stanfield-80 Stanfield-81 Stanfield-85 Stanfield-86 Stanfield-89 Stanfield-91 01 Stanfield-99 Stanfield-100 2 Stanfield-111 Stanfield-113 Stanfield-114 Stanfield-119 Stanfield-120 Stanfield-123

No one was wiping the smile off this grooms face…Stanfield-124 Stanfield-126 Stanfield-129 Stanfield-130 Stanfield-131 Stanfield-134 Stanfield-139 Stanfield-141 Stanfield-144 Stanfield-146 Stanfield-152 Stanfield-160 Stanfield-162 Stanfield-167 Stanfield-168 Stanfield-170 3 Stanfield-187 Stanfield-190 Stanfield-192 4 5 6

And the tears started right about here…
Stanfield-212 Stanfield-193 Stanfield-216 Stanfield-222 Stanfield-223 Stanfield-226 Stanfield-228 Stanfield-233 Stanfield-240 Stanfield-241 Stanfield-243 Stanfield-244 Stanfield-250 Stanfield-266 Stanfield-269 Stanfield-275 Stanfield-281 Stanfield-284 Stanfield-290 Stanfield-291 Stanfield-293 Stanfield-299 7 Stanfield-310 Stanfield-314 Stanfield-317 Stanfield-321 Stanfield-324 Stanfield-327 Stanfield-330 Stanfield-332 Stanfield-334 Stanfield-337 Stanfield-341 Stanfield-347 Stanfield-360 Stanfield-365 Stanfield-368 Stanfield-370 Stanfield-372 Stanfield-378 Stanfield-381 Stanfield-385 Stanfield-390 Stanfield-395 Stanfield-398 Stanfield-403 Stanfield-405 Stanfield-411 Stanfield-416 Stanfield-419 Stanfield-423 Stanfield-424 Stanfield-426 Stanfield-428 Stanfield-434 Stanfield-438 Stanfield-442 Stanfield-448 Stanfield-450 Stanfield-453 8 Stanfield-467 Stanfield-471 Stanfield-474 Stanfield-479 Stanfield-482 Stanfield-488 Stanfield-489 Stanfield-490 Stanfield-492 Stanfield-500 Stanfield-503 Stanfield-506 Stanfield-516 Stanfield-517 9 10 Stanfield-523 11 Stanfield-545 Stanfield-549 Stanfield-552 Stanfield-555 Stanfield-559 Stanfield-561 Stanfield-566 Stanfield-571 Stanfield-572 Stanfield-576 Stanfield-579 Stanfield-627 Stanfield-584 Stanfield-588 Stanfield-590 Stanfield-592 12 Stanfield-608 Stanfield-612 Stanfield-613

From the get go it was party time. The rain started to come, the sun went down, hilarious speeches were told, people kicked their heels off and hit up the dance floor to dance the night away to Test Pilot Molly. It got messy. So much fun.
Stanfield-616 Stanfield-617 Stanfield-619 Stanfield-683 Stanfield-620 Stanfield-690 Stanfield-622 17 Stanfield-624 Stanfield-629 Stanfield-636 14 Stanfield-641 15 Stanfield-644 Stanfield-654 16 Stanfield-658 Stanfield-666 Stanfield-676 Stanfield-677 Stanfield-679 Stanfield-699 Stanfield-700 Stanfield-704 Stanfield-706 Stanfield-711 Stanfield-712 Stanfield-718 Stanfield-719 Stanfield-724 Stanfield-725 Stanfield-727 18 Stanfield-728 Stanfield-729 Stanfield-736 Stanfield-739 19 Stanfield-740 Stanfield-742 Stanfield-748 Stanfield-752 Stanfield-753 Stanfield-754 Stanfield-757 Stanfield-758 Stanfield-759 Stanfield-761 Stanfield-760

It really was the perfect day. Thank you both so much for having me, I loved every little second of it. I wish you both all the love in the world xx




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