Ashleigh & Mark | Clyde Park Wedding

Lauren Alyce | 10.02.15 | In Blog | 0Comments

I’m so happy Ashleigh chose me to be there behind the camera on her wedding day

When I met with Ashleigh just over a year ago I was so excited, I knew Ashleigh from over ten years ago when we did dancing classes together and I remembered her straight away. Geelong being so small we have bumped into each other a couple of times over the years and have shared mutual friends, so Ashleigh told me it was just meant to be, I was meant to be her photographer.

I had never met Mark until their wedding day. After speaking to him and watching him at their ceremony it was like a light bulb moment for me ‘Oh yep, I get it, they are so meant to be’. The love was just so evident. The moments before Ashleigh arrived you could just tell he was full of excitement and nerves. The moment she walked down the aisle you could see his heart had just melted. The way they looked at each other throughout the ceremony was a way I hadn’t seen before. It really was meant to be.
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Ash, I don’t think you’ll ever understand how beautiful you are. You are so kind and warm, you just have this something about you.  2 Hignett-95 Hignett-98 Hignett-99 Hignett-105 Hignett-109Hignett-108 Hignett-113 Hignett-114 Hignett-124 3 Hignett-148 Hignett-129 Hignett-131 Hignett-132 Hignett-136 Hignett-138 Hignett-140 Hignett-143 Hignett-146 Hignett-147 4 Hignett-164 5 Hignett-165 Hignett-166 Hignett-167 Hignett-171 Hignett-184 Hignett-185 Hignett-207 Hignett-208 Hignett-212 Hignett-209 Hignett-214 Hignett-218 Hignett-224 Hignett-227 6 Hignett-233 Hignett-235 7 Hignett-246 Hignett-247 Hignett-249 Hignett-251 Hignett-254 Hignett-255 Hignett-259 Hignett-263 Hignett-264 Hignett-273 Hignett-274

Ashleigh & Mark had both written their own vows. Everything about their day was so heartfelt, I could just feel my grin from ear to ear while trying to concentrate on holding my camera straight!
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The speeches from this night were ones I won’t forget. I had to take a moment and remind myself I wasn’t guests at one stage. There was no short of love and emotion in the room and there definitely wasn’t a dry eye to be seen. Hignett-563 Hignett-565 Hignett-566 Hignett-570 Hignett-571 Hignett-573 Hignett-576 Hignett-578 Hignett-580 Hignett-581 Hignett-582 Hignett-587 Hignett-589 Hignett-590 Hignett-593 Hignett-594 Hignett-597 Hignett-601 11 Hignett-603 Hignett-604 Hignett-616 12 Hignett-621 Hignett-622 Hignett-625 Hignett-631 Hignett-632 Hignett-633 Hignett-636 Hignett-639 Hignett-640 Hignett-644 Hignett-659

I feel so lucky to have witnessed your special day, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me. I know you guys will have a life full of so much love xx