Danniella & Clint | Barwon Edge Wedding

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If you didn’t leave this wedding with a smile on your face then there is something is wrong with you…

Danniella & Clint just have this power to light up a room. Like they really know how to have a good time. Their wedding day was definitely no exception, from the moment I walked into their hotel room I felt so welcomed and the moment I drove away I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The photos really do tell the story in this one…
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Danniella, you have a heart of gold. You have endless amount of beauty just beaming out of you, you made me laugh and cry all in the one day. You’re just special. larkins_106 6 larkins_111 larkins_124 larkins_125 larkins_126 larkins_127 larkins_128 larkins_129 larkins_131 larkins_137 larkins_141 larkins_149 larkins_152 larkins_153 larkins_158 larkins_170 larkins_181 7 larkins_192 larkins_197 larkins_198 larkins_201 larkins_204 larkins_209 larkins_212 8 larkins_213 larkins_215 larkins_225 larkins_226 larkins_229 larkins_231 larkins_235 larkins_241 larkins_243 larkins_247 larkins_249 larkins_253 larkins_254 larkins_256 larkins_257 larkins_258 larkins_264 larkins_270 larkins_271 larkins_276 larkins_278 larkins_285 larkins_287 larkins_293 9 larkins_302 larkins_303 larkins_308 larkins_312 larkins_317 larkins_323 10 larkins_328 larkins_329 larkins_332 larkins_344 larkins_355 larkins_365 larkins_370 larkins_374 larkins_378 larkins_379 larkins_381 larkins_385 larkins_386 larkins_388 larkins_391

Hilarious. That’s the only word I can come up with for these ladies.
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It sure was windy out in the hills, we had a runaway veil, a brand new hairstyle by the end and some extremely un lady like climbing but absolutely nothing could wipe the smile off this bride. larkins_504 larkins_511 larkins_515 larkins_518 larkins_522 larkins_524 15 larkins_528 larkins_536 larkins_538 larkins_542

Yes, of course you can do a karate kid impersonation why the heck not!?larkins_544

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You guys really ticked all the right boxes for a perfect wedding, the best combination of love, tears, dancing, fun friends, drinks and good food. I’m so glad I met you both, it’s people like you who remind me why I do what I do. x


Venue | Barwon Edge | Dress | Designed by the bride made by Laine Brookman Shoes | Basque Hair | Impressions in Hair Make Up | Napoleon Bridesmaid dresses | Lainie Brookman Suits | YD Florist | Deana Heywood Cake | Miranda Jane


A special thanks to Jacob who helped out with photography you will see some of his work pop up in there!