Ebony & Brad | Ravens Creek Farm Wedding

Lauren Alyce | 16.02.15 | In Blog | 0Comments

After a decade of being together it was time…

Time to tie the knot. To make it all official on paper. To have a party to celebrate everything Ebony & Brad had achieved together. They were only babies when they first met and ten years later here Ebony was walking down the aisle with their gorgeous son to say her vows to the man of her dreams.

Brad & Ebony got engaged at the end of last year while on a holiday overseas, not wasting any time they got home and decided on planning a wedding straight away. After e-mails back and forth of weekends I was available in Jan & Feb we chose a date locked it in and went head on with the planning. Everything just fell into place. Who needs 12 months to plan a wedding? And a absolutely gorgeous wedding at that!
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Ebony was nothing but excited before her ceremony. You can just see it beaming through that gorgeous smile. lole-87 lole-89 lole-90 lole-95 lole-99 lole-109 lole-110 lole-113 lole-120 lole-124 lole-126 lole-127 lole-128 1 lole-131 lole-136 2 lole-140

Oh hey guys! How cute is their little boy Finn?
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There was no shortage of laughs, tears, love and amazing dance moves all day and night. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did! xx

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