Emily & Simon | Werribee Mansion

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As soon as I received an e-mail from Emily a year ago saying she was planning a surprise wedding I was so excited, this had to be good!!!!

It was actually my first surprise wedding, so how could I not be excited! Emily & Simon only technically got engaged a couple of months out from the wedding date, I don’t know how they kept it a secret for that long. And to make matters worse she had to have her amazing ring sitting there at home to stare at the whole time not being able to wear it. Now that is discipline.  It was all worth it in the end, it was such a magical day. I’ve never seen so many smiles and hugs that big in my life.

As the girls were getting ready we kept peeping out of the blinds watching all of the guests arriving to the amazing Werribee Mansion . Emily was beaming that morning, not nervous just excited to marry the man of her dreams at this stunning location.emily&simon-1 emily&simon-2 01 emily&simon-18 emily&simon-15 emily&simon-32 emily&simon-31 emily&simon-27 emily&simon-34 emily&simon-11 emily&simon-7 emily&simon-5 emily&simon-19 emily&simon-42 emily&simon-26 emily&simon-38 emily&simon-49 emily&simon-40 emily&simon-45 emily&simon-48 emily&simon-51 emily&simon-54 emily&simon-56 emily&simon-57 emily&simon-58 emily&simon-65 emily&simon-66 emily&simon-63 emily&simon-62 emily&simon-69 02 emily&simon-83 emily&simon-76 03 emily&simon-89 emily&simon-94emily&simon-92emily&simon-96As the guests arrived they got directed to where the couple had this beautiful ceremony set up by the lake. I loved some of the faces and reactions people had as soon as they saw it was obviously a wedding!!
emily&simon-98 emily&simon-103 emily&simon-101 emily&simon-102 emily&simon-110 emily&simon-111 emily&simon-112 emily&simon-117 emily&simon-118 emily&simon-115 emily&simon-119 emily&simon-125 emily&simon-127 emily&simon-128 emily&simon-129 emily&simon-130 emily&simon-133 emily&simon-135 emily&simon-136 emily&simon-138 emily&simon-140 emily&simon-143emily&simon-147emily&simon-151emily&simon-155 emily&simon-159It was such a gorgeous spring day, and a perfect time to have a cermeony with this lovely soft sunshine coming through the trees.

Emily you are just to die for. Simon is one lucky man to be marrying you. emily&simon-161 04emily&simon-16705 07emily&simon-17406emily&simon-189emily&simon-197emily&simon-199 emily&simon-20108 emily&simon-202emily&simon-207emily&simon-209 emily&simon-211emily&simon-212emily&simon-218 emily&simon-224emily&simon-231

Their ceremony was so light hearted and full of laughs. I loved the Dr.Suess vows, suited them both to a tee. emily&simon-233emily&simon-237 emily&simon-238emily&simon-240emily&simon-241 emily&simon-244emily&simon-245 emily&simon-246emily&simon-251 emily&simon-254emily&simon-258emily&simon-26009 emily&simon-27010 emily&simon-279emily&simon-289emily&simon-297emily&simon-300emily&simon-305emily&simon-312emily&simon-318 emily&simon-315emily&simon-324 emily&simon-326emily&simon-330

The mansion was a photographers playground. So many little hidden spots to make the perfect backdrops. I want to go back here every weekend!!emily&simon-33911 emily&simon-349emily&simon-354 emily&simon-356emily&simon-357emily&simon-362 emily&simon-365emily&simon-366 emily&simon-374emily&simon-381 emily&simon-383emily&simon-385emily&simon-388 emily&simon-391emily&simon-395emily&simon-404 emily&simon-406emily&simon-408 emily&simon-410emily&simon-415 emily&simon-417emily&simon-422 emily&simon-426 emily&simon-427emily&simon-432 emily&simon-434 emily&simon-446emily&simon-476emily&simon-448 emily&simon-450emily&simon-452 emily&simon-459emily&simon-464 emily&simon-465emily&simon-468emily&simon-469 emily&simon-471 emily&simon-481emily&simon-485emily&simon-492emily&simon-493emily&simon-495 emily&simon-499emily&simon-503 emily&simon-506emily&simon-497 emily&simon-507emily&simon-510emily&simon-514 emily&simon-515emily&simon-518 emily&simon-522 emily&simon-524 emily&simon-528emily&simon-606emily&simon-608emily&simon-529emily&simon-531 emily&simon-543emily&simon-657 emily&simon-542 emily&simon-548 emily&simon-557 emily&simon-558

I loved hearing the stories of how Emily & Simon met, their love of fine dining and their beloved pets, that couldn’t quite make it to the wedding. (I’m so shattered, I really want to meet your pug one day guys!) The night was all about celebrating with ones they loved most, good food and of course some amazing dancing….
emily&simon-578 12 emily&simon-575 emily&simon-588 13 emily&simon-562 emily&simon-591 emily&simon-559 emily&simon-581 emily&simon-597 emily&simon-594 emily&simon-602 14 emily&simon-638 emily&simon-647 emily&simon-644 emily&simon-653 emily&simon-641 emily&simon-637 emily&simon-633 emily&simon-622 emily&simon-618 emily&simon-615 emily&simon-612 emily&simon-665

Thank you both so much for having me share your wedding day, I feel very privileged to had been a part of this big surprise! I’ve never met a couple so kind and welcoming, you are so lucky to have each other. I wish you both much love for the future! x


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