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Lauren Alyce | 24.12.15 | In Blog | 0Comments

Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually saying it because it bugs me when people always say it, but my god this year went fast. What happened to the year? Seriously? This year has been so crazy for me. Last year was fun. But this year, I think crazy sums it up nicely. Last year I got married, went on an amazing honeymoon, went on a girls trip overseas, shot some amazing weddings, I did so much fun stuff. This year was different. Not in a bad way just different. This year we were expecting our first baby to arrive in August. Which was extremely exciting but scary all at the same time. I got pretty bad morning sickness the first trimester, so thank you to all of my bride’s the first half of the year that were patient with me. What a challenge that was by the way, shooting weddings in the heat and sunshine while trying not to be sick. So thank you for the extra love and lemonade that kept me going.

This second half of the year has had challenges of their own. Life as new parents whilst both running our own businesses. Here I was thinking “Oh my job is perfect, I shoot for one day then edit at home all week while the baby sleeps.” HA! Baby sleeps? Why didn’t someone slap me in the face and laugh at me? So a big thank you to all of the bride’s who have waited patiently for their photos. I have already had some of the most amazing weddings this year, and I have loved every single one of you. I’m so grateful for every single wedding that I have had the opportunity to capture and am loving it now more than ever. Even if I am extremely sleep deprived, frustrated and covered in baby spew, I still love showing up to your house watching you transform into gorgeous bride’s then saying your vows to the one you love. I don’t think you could ever get sick of that.

I’m not going to act like a super mum and say this is all sunshine and roses and I’ve got this sorted, because I don’t. But I am loving this new chapter to my life more and more everyday. It’s taken me a few months but I’m here. I can finally stop crying and say that I love being a Mum. It’s bloody hard but I’m here. So I was finally ready to have some photos taken of my new little family. These photos are so special to me and I thank Stef so much for taking them. We couldn’t have had a better person if we tried.

And of course the only time she doesn’t smile was now. It was always bound to happen, I think it’s hilarious. Usually she smiles I swear!

Little Leila Mae














I’m so excited for the next couples of weeks off and to come back all fresh ready to take on all of my 2016 weddings and new adventures. Merry Christmas to you all and have a Happy New Year! And here’s to me being able to drink champagne this Christmas YAY!!!

Lauren xx


Photos: Stefani Driscoll