Helenna & Chaz | New Zealand Wedding

Lauren Alyce | 27.02.14 | In Blog, Weddings | 0Comments

You know that type of love

where you can just see it? By just seeing the way that they look at each other. The type where no one else would ever possibly be suited more. That’s Helenna and Chaz. You can just tell they adore every little bit of each other.

I was lucky enough to be asked to fly over to New Zealand to photograph these two tying the knot. Needless to say it didn’t take much convincing, I was there in a heartbeat. Not only did I get to photograph a wedding in one of the most beautiful countries, but it was going to be of one of the most beautiful couples. Words don’t even come close to describing how incredible this experience was. More than once during the day I stood there, put my camera down and just looked around me. I took every little bit of it in. The scenery was just breathtaking, and there wasn’t one moment where I didn’t feel grateful to be there.


Helenna and Chaz’s wedding day was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, beautiful and warm and very relaxed. It was shared with their closest friends and family, good food and good wine (probably my favourite part of New Zealand just quietly) Benton_101Benton_099 Benton_015 Benton_001 Portrait Photo templates-3 Benton_003I just loved Helenna’s dress. So simple and stunning, from the Bridal Atelier.Benton_005 Benton_009 Benton_012 Benton_020 Benton_013 Benton_018 Benton_021 Benton_022 Benton_029 Benton_033 Benton_037 Benton_043 Benton_044 Benton_051 Benton_045 Benton_046 Benton_049 Portrait Photo templates-4 Portrait Photo templates-5 Portrait Photo templates-7 Portrait Photo templates-6 Benton_064 Benton_067 Benton_068 Benton_071 Benton_079 Benton_082 Benton_083Helenna you are just beautiful. Every little bit of you.Benton_088 Portrait Photo templates-9 Benton_090 Portrait Photo templates-8 Benton_096 Benton_102 Benton_103 Benton_106 Benton_108 Benton_109 Benton_114 Benton_115 Benton_118

Benton_120 Chaz was so nervous. I felt so sorry for him, he wanted to get married so badly but he just couldn’t get rid of those nerves. He took a deep breath and tried to take it all in and enjoy the moment. Later on he did an absolutely beautiful speech for his wife, bought tears to everyones eyes I think. Benton_122 Benton_125 Benton_126 Benton_127 Benton_134 Benton_136 Benton_111 Benton_138 Portrait Photo templates-10 Benton_139 Benton_140 Benton_142 Benton_151 Portrait Photo templates-11 Benton_156 Benton_158 Portrait Photo templates-12 Benton_164 Benton_167 Benton_169 Benton_173 Benton_176 Benton_177 Benton_181 Benton_184 Benton_191 Benton_192 Benton_194 Benton_198 Benton_199 Benton_205 Benton_207 Benton_212 Portrait Photo templates-13 Portrait Photo templates-14 Benton_217 Benton_218 Benton_220 Benton_222 Benton_224 Benton_227 Benton_228 Benton_233 Benton_238 Benton_242 Benton_245 Benton_246 Benton_255 Benton_259 Portrait Photo templates-15 Benton_266 Benton_270 Benton_275 Benton_279 Benton_285 Benton_291 Benton_293 Benton_296 Benton_298 Benton_299 Benton_302 Benton_305 Benton_310 Portrait Photo templates-15 copy Benton_313 Benton_318 Benton_320 Benton_322 Benton_324 Benton_326 Benton_338 Benton_341 Benton_342 Benton_344 Benton_346 Benton_349 Benton_351 Benton_354 Benton_355 Benton_356 Benton_358 Benton_361 Benton_364 Benton_366 Benton_372 Benton_374 Portrait Photo templates-16 Portrait Photo templates-17 Benton_377 Benton_380 Benton_385 Benton_386 Benton_389 Benton_394 Benton_395 Benton_396 Benton_404 Benton_408 Benton_414 Benton_419 Benton_424 Portrait Photo templates-18 Benton_423 Portrait Photo templates-22 Portrait Photo templates-19 Benton_440 Portrait Photo templates-20 Benton_431 Benton_458 Benton_459 Benton_462 Benton_469 Portrait Photo templates-21 Benton_473 The reception was magical. People stood outside enjoying the views, danced all night to the band pulling out some amazing moves…what more could you want.
Benton_500 Benton_489 Benton_491 Benton_496 Benton_563Benton_578Benton_589Benton_594Benton_598Portrait Photo templates-22 copyBenton_523 Portrait Photo templates-23 Portrait Photo templates-24 Portrait Photo templates-25 Portrait Photo templates-26 Portrait Photo templates-27 Benton_607 Portrait Photo templates-28 Portrait Photo templates-29 Portrait Photo templates-30 Portrait Photo templates-31 Benton_690 Benton_680From the bottom of my heart, Thank you both so much for including me on your special day. It’s a memory I will cherish forever.


And how’s this, a snapshot from their honeymoon! Yep they went to the Maldives! Jealous much? I know I am…1779212_10152255886158120_969955961_n