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Happily ever after didn’t just start here for Katie and Brad

These two have been high school sweethearts for 10 years now. They were in no rush to get married at all, as it wasn’t going to be a massive change in their already established life together. But they were ready. More than ready. For the next exciting chapter in their lives together.

I photograph all of my weddings with all of my heart and love but shooting this wedding was a little different to all the others I have done before. I have known Katie since we were in grade 4. When I moved down to Ocean Grove she was one of my first friends living just around the corner from me. So this wedding was shot with just that extra little bit of nerves, love and excitment. It’s such an honour to be asked to be a part of someone’s wedding day, let alone someone that you’ve seen grow up and watch create this particular relationship.

Katie and Brad (or Katie should I say) was particularly indecisive when it came to planning their day. They didn’t want a big affair with all of the bells and whistles, they weren’t even going to be doing it in this country at one stage, they just wanted to get married. So they decided on having a beautiful intimate wedding with their closest friends and family by the beach near their home town.lauren_alyce20140510_0000 lauren_alyce20140510_0003 lauren_alyce20140510_0004 lauren_alyce20140510_0001 lauren_alyce20140510_0002 lauren_alyce20140510_0005 lauren_alyce20140510_0006 lauren_alyce20140510_0007 lauren_alyce20140510_0008 lauren_alyce20140510_0009 lauren_alyce20140510_0019 lauren_alyce20140510_0014 lauren_alyce20140510_0018 1 lauren_alyce20140510_0013 lauren_alyce20140510_0016 2 lauren_alyce20140510_0028 lauren_alyce20140510_0020 lauren_alyce20140510_0021 lauren_alyce20140510_0022 lauren_alyce20140510_0024

Awww Katie…. you took my breath away. You look like heaven on hearth.lauren_alyce20140510_0025 lauren_alyce20140510_0023 lauren_alyce20140510_0026 lauren_alyce20140510_0027 lauren_alyce20140510_0029 lauren_alyce20140510_0030 3 lauren_alyce20140510_0033 lauren_alyce20140510_0034 lauren_alyce20140510_0037 lauren_alyce20140510_0036 4 lauren_alyce20140510_0035 lauren_alyce20140510_0038 lauren_alyce20140510_0039 lauren_alyce20140510_0040 lauren_alyce20140510_0043 lauren_alyce20140510_0044 lauren_alyce20140510_0045 lauren_alyce20140510_0046 lauren_alyce20140510_0047 lauren_alyce20140510_0048 lauren_alyce20140510_0049 lauren_alyce20140510_0050 lauren_alyce20140510_0051 lauren_alyce20140510_0052 5 lauren_alyce20140510_0055 lauren_alyce20140510_0056 lauren_alyce20140510_0057 lauren_alyce20140510_0058 lauren_alyce20140510_0059 lauren_alyce20140510_0060 lauren_alyce20140510_0061 lauren_alyce20140510_0062 6 lauren_alyce20140510_0065 lauren_alyce20140510_0066 7 lauren_alyce20140510_0067 lauren_alyce20140510_0069 lauren_alyce20140510_0071 lauren_alyce20140510_0074 lauren_alyce20140510_0075 lauren_alyce20140510_0076 lauren_alyce20140510_0077 8 lauren_alyce20140510_0078 lauren_alyce20140510_0079 lauren_alyce20140510_0080 lauren_alyce20140510_0081 lauren_alyce20140510_0082 lauren_alyce20140510_0083 lauren_alyce20140510_0086 lauren_alyce20140510_0087 9

I’m sure I’ve said it a million times before but the most magical things happen in Autumn. My favourite season. Although it wasn’t a hard job to photograph this bunch…

lauren_alyce20140510_0088 lauren_alyce20140510_0089 lauren_alyce20140510_0090 lauren_alyce20140510_0091 lauren_alyce20140510_0092 lauren_alyce20140510_0093 lauren_alyce20140510_0094 lauren_alyce20140510_0095 lauren_alyce20140510_0096 lauren_alyce20140510_0097 lauren_alyce20140510_0098 lauren_alyce20140510_0099 lauren_alyce20140510_0100 10 lauren_alyce20140510_0101 11 lauren_alyce20140510_0104

Brad the love you have for Katie is so evident, especially in this photo. It gives me goosebumps.
lauren_alyce20140510_0105 lauren_alyce20140510_0108 lauren_alyce20140510_0109 lauren_alyce20140510_0110

This is my favourite. Katie was always the most sweetest girl. Such a pleasure to be around and such a gorgeous friendly face. This photo really shows all of those wonderful things.lauren_alyce20140510_0111 lauren_alyce20140510_0112 12 lauren_alyce20140510_0113 lauren_alyce20140510_0114 lauren_alyce20140510_0117 lauren_alyce20140510_0118 lauren_alyce20140510_0119 lauren_alyce20140510_0120 lauren_alyce20140510_0121 lauren_alyce20140510_0122 lauren_alyce20140510_0123 lauren_alyce20140510_0124 lauren_alyce20140510_0125 lauren_alyce20140510_0126 lauren_alyce20140510_0127 lauren_alyce20140510_0128 lauren_alyce20140510_0129 lauren_alyce20140510_0130 13 14 lauren_alyce20140510_0131 lauren_alyce20140510_0132 lauren_alyce20140510_0137 lauren_alyce20140510_0138 lauren_alyce20140510_0140 lauren_alyce20140510_0141 lauren_alyce20140510_0143 15 lauren_alyce20140510_0144 16 lauren_alyce20140510_0147 lauren_alyce20140510_0148 lauren_alyce20140510_0149

This is myself and our group of girlfriends from high school. I don’t feel like we have changed one bit! No matter how long it is between catch ups, days, months, years, I really hope we can stay friends for the next chapter of our lives. I love you girls!lauren_alyce20140510_0151lauren_alyce20140510_0150 lauren_alyce20140510_0152 lauren_alyce20140510_0153 lauren_alyce20140510_0154 lauren_alyce20140510_0155 lauren_alyce20140510_0156 lauren_alyce20140510_0157 17 lauren_alyce20140510_0158 lauren_alyce20140510_0161 lauren_alyce20140510_0162 lauren_alyce20140510_0163 lauren_alyce20140510_0164 lauren_alyce20140510_0165

As the night went on speeches begun, stories were told, toasts were made, cake was cut, shots were had and best of all amazing dance moves were taking place…18 lauren_alyce20140510_0169 19 20 lauren_alyce20140510_0176 lauren_alyce20140510_0177 lauren_alyce20140510_0178 lauren_alyce20140510_0179 lauren_alyce20140510_0180 lauren_alyce20140510_0181 21 lauren_alyce20140510_0184 lauren_alyce20140510_0185 lauren_alyce20140510_0186 lauren_alyce20140510_0187 lauren_alyce20140510_0188 lauren_alyce20140510_0189 lauren_alyce20140510_0191 lauren_alyce20140510_0192 25 lauren_alyce20140510_0204 22 24 23 lauren_alyce20140510_0205 lauren_alyce20140510_0207 lauren_alyce20140510_0208 lauren_alyce20140510_0209

Katie and Brad you don’t need any luck wished to you for the future because you both are obvious soul mates. I feel blessed to have been there to witness you both be married, it was such a romantic and fun day. Thank you so much for having me xxx