Kim & Luke | Clyde Park Wedding

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Some couples I just know I will never forget

Kim & Luke are definitely one of them. Their story helps explains why…they are that cute that they weren’t even high school sweethearts, they were primary school sweethearts. Not many of us can say that! Well until Kim dumped him of course… it just wasn’t working for her I guess. But luckily Luke took her back years later after bumping into each other in a local bar. He played it cool pretending he didn’t remember her, but deep down of course he did. A face that gorgeous isn’t one you can forget easily.

From the moment I met Kim & Luke I was excited for their big day. After hearing the most romantic proposal story ever and getting to know how beautiful these two were I knew there would be no shortage of love on the day. The morning preparations Kim was cool calm and collected. I love that she made me feel like I wasn’t even working, I could of chatted with her all day.  michallef-1 michallef-3 1 michallef-8 michallef-10 michallef-17 michallef-20 michallef-22 2 michallef-24 michallef-32 michallef-34 michallef-35 michallef-36 michallef-40 michallef-41 michallef-42 michallef-45

The. cutest. girl. ever. michallef-50 michallef-51 michallef-62 3 4 michallef-72 michallef-77 michallef-78 michallef-80 michallef-81 michallef-84 michallef-85 michallef-104 michallef-107

Look at that handsome groom. Luke has to be one of the most polite & happy guys I’ve met, he’s always got that grin on his face! michallef-108 michallef-112 michallef-113 michallef-118 michallef-121 michallef-124 michallef-127 michallef-134 michallef-135 michallef-138 michallef-141 michallef-143 michallef-145 michallef-149 michallef-151 michallef-158 michallef-159 6 michallef-165 michallef-169 michallef-173 michallef-176 michallef-179 michallef-180 michallef-185 michallef-187 michallef-193 michallef-197 michallef-202 michallef-203 michallef-206 michallef-211 michallef-215 michallef-222 7 michallef-234 michallef-237 michallef-246 michallef-250 michallef-261 michallef-264 michallef-265 michallef-275 michallef-284 michallef-298 michallef-301

These two could not keep their hands off each other. I pretty much was a third wheel with a camera. I could of photographed them all night long!michallef-305 8 michallef-313 michallef-318 michallef-322 michallef-326 michallef-332 9 michallef-336 michallef-346 11 michallef-350 michallef-352 michallef-354 michallef-356 michallef-368 michallef-376 michallef-377 michallef-380 michallef-381 michallef-383 michallef-387 michallef-388 michallef-394 10 michallef-397

Clyde Park was doing magical things for us that day. It was the perfect day, not a breath of wind and amazing light. michallef-406 michallef-410 michallef-412 michallef-420 michallef-421 michallef-423 michallef-426 michallef-429 5 michallef-87 michallef-95 michallef-96 michallef-103 michallef-431 12 13 michallef-442 michallef-443 michallef-444 michallef-445 michallef-447 michallef-450 michallef-451 michallef-454 michallef-461

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I hadn’t. A guest breaking out a duet with the singer from the band. My gosh I love weddings. 15 michallef-466 michallef-469 14 michallef-473 michallef-477 16 michallef-480 michallef-493 michallef-496 michallef-501 michallef-502 michallef-506 17 michallef-516

18 michallef-527 michallef-530 michallef-533 michallef-535 michallef-539 michallef-542 michallef-547 michallef-550 michallef-552 michallef-555

Thank you for having me Kim & Luke. You are the sweetest couple and I just know you will have a home full of love. x

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