Marcus & Courtney | Botanical Gardens Wedding

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Marcus & Courtney met when the time was right,

when they both stopped looking. After years of them both wondering ‘will I ever find the one?’ they did. They found each other when they least expected. Out at a local Geelong pub Marcus spotted Courtney’s beauty from a mile away. How could you miss her really? After a bit of dutch courage they found themselves locking eyes and the rest of the night was history.

The first time I met Marcus & Courtney we could have chatted for hours. We shared our love of travel, food and of course photos. I just knew these guys were going to be heaps of fun and easy to be around. They chose their wedding day on a significant day, Valentine’s Day. The day of celebrating love. And there was definitely no shortage of love…
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Courtney was so adorable in the getting ready stages, she was so nervous that she couldn’t smile properly from her lips quivering. I’m pretty sure once she saw her man all of that disappeared. Traumanis-15 Traumanis-18 Traumanis-21 Traumanis-22 Traumanis-23 Traumanis-28 Traumanis-33 Traumanis-35 Traumanis-44 Traumanis-46 Traumanis-51 Traumanis-54 Traumanis-56 Traumanis-61 Traumanis-65 Traumanis-68 Traumanis-70 Traumanis-72 Traumanis-77 Traumanis-82 Traumanis-89 Traumanis-90 Traumanis-91 Traumanis-93

And the spunky groom. I now know your secret…I found out Marcus may be big and rugged on the outside but he is nothing but soft as butter on the inside. Traumanis-98 Traumanis-99 Traumanis-101 Traumanis-102 Traumanis-104 Traumanis-107 Traumanis-109 Traumanis-110 Traumanis-115 Traumanis-118 Traumanis-125 Traumanis-126 Traumanis-129 Traumanis-131 Traumanis-132 Traumanis-137 Traumanis-140 Traumanis-141 1 Traumanis-142 Traumanis-146 Traumanis-155 2 Traumanis-172 Traumanis-176 Traumanis-183 Traumanis-186 Traumanis-193 Traumanis-196 Traumanis-200 Traumanis-202 Traumanis-209 Traumanis-211 Traumanis-214 Traumanis-219 Traumanis-234

“When I look at you I can feel it. I look at you, I’m home. I don’t want that to go away” Traumanis-237 Traumanis-259 Traumanis-260 3 Traumanis-288 Traumanis-289 Traumanis-295 Traumanis-296 Traumanis-304 Traumanis-306 Traumanis-316 Traumanis-318 Traumanis-319 Traumanis-324 Traumanis-335 Traumanis-344

This is was the moment Marcus turned to me and said “I’m sorry, I just can’t keep my eyes off her. She’s just so beautiful” Yep she sure is. Traumanis-353 Traumanis-358 Traumanis-370 Traumanis-372 Traumanis-378 Traumanis-386 Traumanis-388 Traumanis-396 Traumanis-397 Traumanis-398 Traumanis-402 Traumanis-409 Traumanis-422 Traumanis-424 Traumanis-431 Traumanis-435 Traumanis-445 Traumanis-454 Traumanis-460 Traumanis-463 Traumanis-508 Traumanis-511 Traumanis-514 Traumanis-520 Traumanis-521 Traumanis-522 Traumanis-526 Traumanis-468 4 Traumanis-479 Traumanis-484 5 Traumanis-489 6 Traumanis-501 Traumanis-503 Traumanis-534 7 Traumanis-536 Traumanis-555 Traumanis-557 Traumanis-569 Traumanis-570 Traumanis-578

Traumanis-580 Traumanis-582 Traumanis-586 Traumanis-587 Traumanis-589 Traumanis-597 Traumanis-6118 Traumanis-615 Traumanis-625 Traumanis-626 Traumanis-629 Traumanis-631 Traumanis-634 Traumanis-638 Traumanis-641 Traumanis-645 Traumanis-647 Traumanis-652 Traumanis-653 Traumanis-660 Traumanis-661 Traumanis-669 Traumanis-673 Traumanis-677 Traumanis-679 Traumanis-686 Traumanis-690 Traumanis-694 Traumanis-696 Traumanis-700

You guys sure knew how to dance and party! Thanks so much for a love filled fun day xx


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