Molly & Steve | One Day Estate Wedding

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Where do I even begin?

At about 12 years ago. Yep, that’s how long ago it was when I first met Molly. We were baby faced and full of attitude in our early high school years when we first met. And here we were, on a hot summers day in February celebrating her wedding.

The thing that pops into my mind about Molly when I think back to our high school days, was that you could always hear her, no matter where you were, there was Molly’s voice. Always the loud one. Some may have mistaken her to be the bossy one. Her now husband may even still believe she carries these traits, but it definitely doesn’t get in the way of the fact she has heart of gold. Behind that voice is always a laugh just as loud, always a hug if you needed it and always friend you could count on. It’s not very often people still stay in touch after their high schools years, and I quite often speak aloud of how grateful I am of every single girlfriend I have in my life. New and old. So when Molly asked if I could capture her special day it goes without doubt that I was beyond honoured.



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Molly asked me leading up to the wedding “How many bridesmaids is too many?” my reply “You can never have too many” callaghan-40 callaghan-45 callaghan-50 callaghan-56 callaghan-59 callaghan-60 callaghan-62 callaghan-66 callaghan-71 callaghan-74 2

Molly, words cannot express how beautiful you are. You blew me away on your wedding day. I don’t know what it is but you did…callaghan-93 3 callaghan-98 callaghan-107

One day estate was the perfect venue for Molly & Steve. It had character, stunning surroundings and created the perfect romantic & casual wedding atmosphere they wanted.callaghan-108 callaghan-110 callaghan-112 callaghan-115 callaghan-117 callaghan-118 callaghan-119 callaghan-121 callaghan-123 callaghan-126 callaghan-128 callaghan-131 callaghan-132 callaghan-134 callaghan-135 callaghan-137 callaghan-141 callaghan-144 callaghan-147 callaghan-148 callaghan-150

It was hot. Really hot. You boys did so well in those suits still looking as dapper as you do, well done.  callaghan-152 4 callaghan-164 5 callaghan-179 callaghan-181 callaghan-187 callaghan-190 callaghan-193 callaghan-198 callaghan-210 callaghan-211 callaghan-212 callaghan-216 callaghan-221 callaghan-223 callaghan-225 callaghan-229

Molly & Steve had some of the most heartfelt vows I have heard. There may have been a combination of sweat but there was definitely tears running down my face. callaghan-233 callaghan-242 callaghan-245 callaghan-251 callaghan-255 callaghan-269 callaghan-276 callaghan-277 callaghan-278 callaghan-281 callaghan-284

And there it is, that smile I was talking about.callaghan-293

Oh hey! We’re married!!callaghan-299 8 callaghan-316 callaghan-332 callaghan-337 callaghan-343 callaghan-347 callaghan-348 callaghan-353 callaghan-356 callaghan-362 callaghan-364 callaghan-367 callaghan-372 callaghan-374 callaghan-379 callaghan-582 callaghan-382 callaghan-386 callaghan-389 callaghan-391 callaghan-402 callaghan-406callaghan-405 callaghan-410 callaghan-417 callaghan-419 6 callaghan-432 callaghan-435 7 callaghan-441 callaghan-443 callaghan-449 callaghan-451 callaghan-453 callaghan-459 callaghan-462 callaghan-469 callaghan-470 callaghan-476 callaghan-479 callaghan-491 callaghan-495 callaghan-497 callaghan-500 callaghan-511 callaghan-513 callaghan-515 callaghan-520 callaghan-525 callaghan-529 callaghan-531 callaghan-536 callaghan-540 callaghan-544 callaghan-503 callaghan-545 callaghan-550 9 callaghan-561 callaghan-567 callaghan-577

And here we all are… (yes I managed to get in one of my own photos, magic!)callaghan-580callaghan-581callaghan-576 10 callaghan-593 callaghan-617 callaghan-618 callaghan-594 callaghan-600 callaghan-604 callaghan-609 callaghan-614 callaghan-626 callaghan-628 callaghan-629 callaghan-631 callaghan-634 callaghan-636 callaghan-639 callaghan-645 callaghan-648 callaghan-650

What a gorgeous wedding. A memory I will always have. I hope there is another 12 years of friendship ahead of us and many many more happy years of your marriage to come. xx



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