Paige & Shaun | Birregurra homestead wedding

Lauren Alyce | 31.03.15 | In Blog, Weddings | 0Comments

Paige & Shaun tied the knot on the first weekend of Autumn.

I knew it was going to be a good one. They found this incredible homestead in Birregurra from the 1880’s, it was just to die for. After a decade of being together they opted for something a little more relaxed and laid back for their wedding day. Throwing all traditions out the window they decided to see each other before the ceremony so they could get straight into the celebrations.

Paige was so relaxed. I loved this about her. She was right though, what was there to be nervous about? They’d been together so long she knew this guy back the front, he was the one, her friends and family were there and there was plenty of beer, so what could she possibly be worried about?
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Oh, and did I mention that dress?hammond-9 hammond-11 hammond-13 hammond-14 hammond-20 hammond-22 hammond-27 hammond-31 hammond-35 hammond-36 hammond-38 hammond-42 hammond-46 hammond-53 hammond-54 hammond-59 hammond-61
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There wasn’t a moment without laughs and inappropriate comments… hammond-127 hammond-138 hammond-140 hammond-145 hammond-147 hammond-152 hammond-158 hammond-161 hammond-167 hammond-170 hammond-172 1 hammond-174 hammond-175 hammond-181 hammond-186 hammond-197 hammond-200 hammond-204 2 hammond-207 hammond-217 hammond-224 hammond-225 hammond-226 hammond-231 hammond-238 hammond-245 hammond-248 hammond-249 hammond-250 hammond-251 3 hammond-260 hammond-263 hammond-272 hammond-278 hammond-279 hammond-286 4 hammond-290 hammond-300 hammond-303 hammond-306

Their ceremony was the perfect combination of light hearted but meaningful. Smiles and tears. hammond-309 hammond-311 hammond-325 hammond-326 hammond-328 hammond-332 hammond-339 hammond-348 hammond-350 hammond-352 hammond-357 5 hammond-376 hammond-379 hammond-381 hammond-388 hammond-391 hammond-404 hammond-407 hammond-424 6 hammond-425 hammond-429 hammond-440 hammond-448 hammond-458 hammond-459 hammond-468 hammond-475 7 hammond-477 hammond-483 hammond-484 hammond-491 8 hammond-504 hammond-516 hammond-521 hammond-527 hammond-528 hammond-531 hammond-533 hammond-535 hammond-541 hammond-543 hammond-546 hammond-547 hammond-549

I don’t even have to ask if the rest of your night was good because I can just imagine what that dance floor would have been like after I left. You guys were so much fun, thank you so much for having me there to join in on it all! xx


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