Pip & Reece | Ocean Grove Wedding

Lauren Alyce | 27.04.14 | In Blog | 9Comments

These are two people I’m so glad I’ve met…

Sometimes I drive away from a wedding and think to myself just how lucky I am I got to spend someones wedding day with them, every single minute of it. Pip & Reece’s wedding was one of those days. From the moment I walked into Pip’s house that morning she greeted me with the biggest warmest smile, and was trying to contain herself from jumping up and down with excitement. Her excitement had rubbed right off onto me. I could just feel the house was full of emotion and love. Everyone was just so happy for this couple to be getting married today. Including me.

The weather was one of those days which had four seasons in one day. We looked over the ocean and you could see dark stormy clouds coming right our way. It poured down, then it was sunny. Then it poured down again… Pip kept calm, she didn’t care, after all at the end of the day she was going to be married to the one she loved most.

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Pip found her dress while she was on a holiday in America, it was just gorgeous. I loved that none of her bridesmaids had seen it yet!
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Some surprise diamonds from the husband to be… this one even made me tear up…
laurenalyce_005 laurenalyce_105 laurenalyce_107 laurenalyce_123 laurenalyce_109 laurenalyce_111 laurenalyce_115 laurenalyce_119 laurenalyce_117 laurenalyce_127 laurenalyce_131 laurenalyce_129 laurenalyce_121 laurenalyce_113 laurenalyce_059 laurenalyce_000 laurenalyce_061 laurenalyce_065 laurenalyce_063 laurenalyce_003 laurenalyce_067 laurenalyce_071 laurenalyce_073 laurenalyce_075 laurenalyce_069 laurenalyce_081 laurenalyce_079 laurenalyce_077 laurenalyce_007 laurenalyce_133 And the girl who almost stole the show… Florence. She just melted my heart. What a special wedding to be able to share it with your gorgeous daughter.laurenalyce_135 laurenalyce_009 laurenalyce_137 laurenalyce_139 laurenalyce_011 laurenalyce_153 laurenalyce_155 laurenalyce_151 laurenalyce_147 laurenalyce_013 laurenalyce_145 laurenalyce_149 laurenalyce_141 laurenalyce_143 laurenalyce_159 laurenalyce_017 laurenalyce_015 laurenalyce_161 laurenalyce_163 laurenalyce_165 laurenalyce_166 laurenalyce_167 laurenalyce_176 laurenalyce_175 laurenalyce_174 laurenalyce_173 laurenalyce_172 laurenalyce_180 laurenalyce_171 laurenalyce_170 laurenalyce_179 laurenalyce_169 laurenalyce_019 laurenalyce_178 laurenalyce_168 laurenalyce_177 laurenalyce_182 laurenalyce_181 laurenalyce_021 laurenalyce_001 laurenalyce_023 laurenalyce_002 laurenalyce_004 laurenalyce_006 laurenalyce_010 laurenalyce_012 laurenalyce_014

We’re MARRIED!!!!!laurenalyce_016 laurenalyce_008 laurenalyce_020 laurenalyce_018 laurenalyce_022 laurenalyce_024 laurenalyce_026 laurenalyce_028

Just as they were announced husband and wife and made their way back down the aisle down came the rain. And I mean rain. It poured. But what perfect timing! We were all a little damp but it kind of made their gorgeous garden wedding that little more fun and romantic. laurenalyce_030 laurenalyce_032 laurenalyce_034 laurenalyce_036 laurenalyce_048 laurenalyce_046 laurenalyce_042 laurenalyce_044 laurenalyce_050 laurenalyce_040 laurenalyce_125 laurenalyce_056 laurenalyce_054 laurenalyce_052 laurenalyce_058 laurenalyce_064 laurenalyce_060 laurenalyce_025 laurenalyce_062 laurenalyce_066 laurenalyce_074 laurenalyce_038 laurenalyce_070 laurenalyce_072 laurenalyce_068 laurenalyce_027 laurenalyce_116

Their reception was help at Pip’s family home. It had these stunning views over the ocean, and was the perfect place for a party. The rain gave us a break later on into the night so everyone took their wet curly hair, drenched suit jackets off and ripped it up on the dance floor. laurenalyce_076 laurenalyce_080 laurenalyce_086 laurenalyce_078 laurenalyce_084 laurenalyce_082 laurenalyce_088 laurenalyce_090 laurenalyce_092 laurenalyce_094 laurenalyce_120 laurenalyce_118 laurenalyce_114 laurenalyce_112 laurenalyce_110 laurenalyce_108 laurenalyce_106 laurenalyce_100 laurenalyce_098 laurenalyce_104 laurenalyce_102 laurenalyce_096 laurenalyce_122 laurenalyce_124 laurenalyce_130 laurenalyce_132 laurenalyce_128 laurenalyce_136 laurenalyce_138 laurenalyce_134 laurenalyce_126 laurenalyce_146 laurenalyce_140 laurenalyce_029 laurenalyce_142 laurenalyce_144 laurenalyce_162 laurenalyce_148 laurenalyce_154 laurenalyce_156 laurenalyce_152 laurenalyce_150 laurenalyce_158 laurenalyce_160What a special day and night. There was no lack of love, smiles and romance. I know I drove home that night with a massive smile on my face, it was so lovely to have met you Pip and Reece. I just know you will have an amazing future ahead of you both. xx