Emily & Simon | Werribee Mansion

As soon as I received an e-mail from Emily a year ago saying she was planning a surprise wedding I was so excited, this had to be good!!!! It was actually my first surprise wedding, so how could I not be excited! Emily & Simon only technically got engRead More

Andrew & Anne | Queenscliff Wedding

My favourite type of wedding… in their family home backyard. Andrew’s family have a holiday house in the most beautiful location in Queenscliff. When they told me where they were holding their ceremony I was so excited, it’s so unique anRead More

Ebony & Brad | Ravens Creek Farm Wedding

After a decade of being together it was time… Time to tie the knot. To make it all official on paper. To have a party to celebrate everything Ebony & Brad had achieved together. They were only babies when they first met and ten years later here Read More

Marcus & Courtney | Botanical Gardens Wedding

Marcus & Courtney met when the time was right, when they both stopped looking. After years of them both wondering ‘will I ever find the one?’ they did. They found each other when they least expected. Out at a local Geelong pub Marcus spottRead More

Molly & Steve | One Day Estate Wedding


Where do I even begin? At about 12 years ago. Yep, that’s how long ago it was when I first met Molly. We were baby faced and full of attitude in our early high school years when we first met. And here we were, on a hot summers day in February celebrRead More

Kim & Luke | Clyde Park Wedding


Some couples I just know I will never forget Kim & Luke are definitely one of them. Their story helps explains why…they are that cute that they weren’t even high school sweethearts, they were primary school sweethearts. Not many of us canRead More

Jessi + Jason | Terindah Estate Wedding


Jessi and Jason are definitely a perfect example of opposites attract. Jessi has got to be one the happiest, bubbliest & kindest girls ever. Her smile is just so infectious. You can’t tell me by after looking at these photos that they didn̵Read More

Ashleigh + Chris | Garden wedding

Chris used to be the cute boy on the school bus that Ash would look forward to seeing everyday. Little did she know he thought the same about this young blonde chick. Timing was never on their side until finally they got together in their early teens. It Read More

Jade + Ray | Daylesford Wedding

If there was only two people on earth that were meant to be together, it’s these two. I see a lot of people in love, but Jade & Ray have something different. Something special. If I were to list all of the special things about them and this day,Read More