We’re Married!!!!!

Lauren Alyce | 29.01.14 | In Blog | 10Comments

The whole day was a dream come true…

Who would of thought the hardest blog post to write about would be about my own wedding? There’s just so many feelings and emotions it’s really hard to put it all in writing. And where do I start?

I was pretty cool calmed and collected leading up to the whole day. My staff told me it was very hard for anything to go wrong on the day because I was too organised. I loved organising the whole thing, every little bit of it. From the furniture, the food, the drinks the decorations it was all so much fun. We had a garden wedding. It was my fairytale wedding. When visioning what we both wanted the words party, good food and fairy lights were thrown around so what a better place to do it than in your own garden. We had our ceremony at The Heights and held a reception at Jason’s Mum’s house. It was perfect. She spent months leading up to the day perfecting the grass, asking me what plants I wanted planted and painting the house. What a gem.

The night before was so much fun. I learnt you can never have too many bridesmaids. We stayed at my dear friend Jodie’s house and it was all about boy talk, champagne, tans and getting excited. It was the perfect place for us all to get ready. Jodie went above and beyond when it came to making sure her house was all extra pretty to make me feel special, my nighty was ironed for me, there was flowers in every corner and the lawn was perfectly cut. The morning went so fast it was 4 o’clock before I knew it! It was weird, I didn’t feel nervous at all that day, I just couldn’t get the massive smile off my face and was overwhelmed with excitement. married_020 married_021 married_022

When choosing my dress it was easy. Erin from the The bridal atelier was absolutely incredible. I can’t speak highly enough of her and her service (and her breathtaking dresses!) This was actually the first dress I tried on, it’s by Sarah Seven. It fitted my theme perfectly, whimsical and lace! I went back and tried it on for a second time and I knew straight away this was it! Jodie was in charge of all the flowers. Her and her flowerbowl team are just amazing. (I know I’m probably being a bit bias) Jodie told me to collect pictures of all flowers and colours I liked over the months to get an idea of what I wanted. The problem was I collected all of her photos and they were all completely different because I love everything she does! I just said the word “garden” to her and let her do her thing. I couldn’t have asked for anything better! Thank you for everything Jodie. You are an angel. married_023

It helps having a graphic designer in the family. Brendon loves doing love jobs, and I’m glad he does because the invites just suited everything to a tee. You’ll see later on a sign and bar menu he made as a surprise for me, this boy can do no wrong. married_002 married_001 married_024 married_025 married_026 married_027 married_028 married_029 married_030 married_031

Naaaww…. I love my mummy…married_032 married_033 married_034 married_035 married_036 married_037 married_038 married_039

The hair and make up dream team was Stevie from Salon Jenaire, Lisa Pigdon from Mienna’s and Blink twice. I only decided on my hairstyle in the last few weeks, and I’m so glad I did, Stevie is incredible at doing anything different and fun. They were such a good bunch of girls to have on the day and all the girls looked so pretty! (again I’m probably being bias but I think I had the hottest bridesmaids getting around) married_005 married_040 married_041 married_042 married_043 married_044 married_003 married_045 married_004 married_046 married_047 married_048

Hi Dad!married_049 married_050 married_051 married_052 married_053 married_054 married_055

Pepper and Sprout set up our ceremony. We also hired trestle tables, festoon lighting and benches for a our reception off them. They have really cool stuff and a dream to deal with! married_056 married_057 married_058 married_059 married_060 married_061

What a handsome group of boys. No one would have ever known you were all out until all hours of the morning at the pub running a muck the night before… it’s OK I forgive you. You all made it there alive which is a massive achievement. married_062 married_063 married_064 married_065 married_066

Did I mention I have a spunky husband? This boy reminded me why I love him so much the week leading up to the wedding. He did so much to help set up and wanted to make sure everything was going to be perfect. Picked up his jobs list every morning the week before and off he went. Even though they say wedding’s are all about the bride I knew deep down he was so excited because it was just as much about him. I even got told he was just a tad nervous waiting at the end of the aisle for me. married_067 married_068 married_069 married_070 married_006 married_071 married_072 married_073 married_074 married_075 married_076 married_077 married_078 married_079 married_080 married_081 married_082 married_083 married_084 married_085 married_086 married_087 married_088

Our ceremony was light hearted and full of love. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole place. Paul Cochran did a wonderful job making it really personal and a true reflection of us. It was just beautiful. married_089 married_090 married_091 married_092 married_093 married_094 married_095 married_096 married_097 married_098 married_007 married_099 married_100 married_101 married_102 married_103 married_104 married_105 married_106 married_107 married_108 married_109 married_110 married_111 married_112 married_113 married_114 married_115 married_116 married_117 married_118 married_119 married_120

The big question. Who was my photographer? When deciding to choose it was easy. When I met Verity from Ginger & Mint it was like talking to another me. She was so fun and bubbly and had the same outlook on photography as I do. She did admit she was a little nervous, but she had no reason to be. I had complete trust and faith in her. I actually didn’t even know she was there half the time, I was having way too much fun! Verity you absolutely nailed it, you were so much fun to have on the day I wish you had of stayed and partied on with us! We could not be happier with our photos, I will cherish them forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. married_121 married_122 married_123 married_124 married_008 married_125 married_126 married_127 married_128 married_129 married_130 married_131

We couldn’t have chosen a better bunch of people to spend our whole day with. You are all so special to us and we will never forget it. married_132 married_133 married_134 married_135 married_136 married_137 married_138 married_139 married_140 married_141 married_142 married_143 married_144 married_145 married_146 married_009 married_147 married_010 married_011 married_012 married_148 married_149 married_150 married_151 married_152 married_153 married_154 married_155 married_156 married_157

So many people helped with DIY projects leading up the day. My gorgeous Mum handmade all of this lace bunting! She scouted all the local opp shops high and low, bargaining down prices and then giving her sewing machine a good workout. She also handmade our little gifts for people, soy candles. Individually poured in cute little jars and sticker’s saying “made with love”. You’re the best Mum, what would I do without you? Chelsea made yummy treats for a our dessert table and was in charge of our Polaroids, I think she has a little inner photographer in her, they are really good! And what a better person than Andrea to be in charge of our cocktails. Do beware though, when getting a bar owner to make cocktails they are not going to be light on the alcohol content. (I think these helped cause all the crazy dance moves people were pulling out later on the night)married_158 married_159 married_160 married_161 married_162 married_015 married_013 married_163 married_014 married_164 married_165 married_166

63 Degrees did all of our catering. After having our engagement party there it was a no-brainer, we had to have these guys again. The food was absolutely amazing and the service was outstanding. Thanks so much guys, you really are awesome!married_016 married_167 married_168 married_169 married_170 married_171 married_172 married_173 married_174 married_175 married_176 married_177 married_178 married_179 married_180 married_181 married_182 married_183 married_184 married_185 married_186 married_187 married_188 married_017 married_018 married_189 married_190 married_191 married_192 married_193 married_194 married_195 married_196 married_197 married_198 married_199 married_200 married_201 married_202 married_203 married_204 married_205 married_206 married_207 married_208 married_209 married_210 married_211 married_212 married_213

A good family friend Helen made our cake for us. How clever is she!? It was beautiful! Into the night we drank, ate and danced away. Our garden party really turned into a dream come true. married_019 married_214 married_215 married_216 married_217 married_218 married_219 married_220 married_221 married_222 married_223 married_224 married_225 married_226 married_227 married_228 married_229 married_230 married_231 married_232 married_233 married_234

We can’t thank everyone enough who came to help us celebrate. When people ask me “are you sad it’s over” I’m actually not. I’m so glad it happened, It’s a day and night we will never forget. If I had to sum the whole day up in one word it would be ‘perfect’. We feel very blessed to have such amazing friends and family, so thank you xx